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Squeak Amiga VM progress

Squeak Amiga VM progress

I've made some time to work on the Amiga Squeak VM I started many years ago.

The screenshot above shows it running on its own 8bpp screen on an Amiga 1200.  This Amiga 1200 has a 40MHz 68030 processor, and you can see the benchmarks.

In comparison, my Core i5 MacBook Air running 64-bit Squeak 5.1 with a recent Cog VM gets these benchmarks:

 '2,000,000,000 bytecodes/sec; 190,000,000 sends/sec'

Features recently enhanced in the Amiga port: 

  • Screen palette uses Squeak's intended colors
  • Visiting the root of the file system in the File Browser shows all attached Amiga volumes
  • More functional UNIX path to Amiga path conversion allows more flexibility of where image/changes/sources files may be stored
  • Cmd-key shortcuts work
  • Abandoned "window on pubscreen" approach in favor of "clone Workbench screen" approach
  • Initial backdrop window now is sized according to screen size
  • Right mouse button and middle mouse button both work

Most development has been done in this round on MorphOS 3.10 using SAS/C 6.58 and CygnusEd 4.22.