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Scala MM400 NTSC a no-go (update: 2021)

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Update / 2021 -- amazingly, a two-disk set of MM400 for NTSC showed up in the amazing SACC collection!


I keep trying to get Scala MM400 to work in NTSC, but I keep hitting a dead end. Sadly, the version of MM400 I bought from Software Hut so many years ago is simply PAL, and all efforts to source the NTSC version have come up dry.

The telltale sign that any version of Scala I try to run is the PAL version:  the UI either shows up in a wacky-wild super-low-res mode on my A1200, or when I promote the mode in ModePro, the UI always goes off the bottom of the screen.

I read one ancient Usenet post stating that the NTSC version was not available. Another later post says it was -- but I cannot find this nor the NTSC upgrade disks.  There's also this request about Canada.

Versions I've tried:

  • The "SCALA MM400 NTSC BETA 55," a.k.a. OTTMM455.DMS, is actually the PAL version.
  • The NightShade CD-ROM version is the PAL version.
  • The "SCALA MM400 Upgrade", available for download as a two-disk set, states it is the PAL version on disk 2 -- and when unarchiving and running the program, the screen mode is faulty as described above.

I hereby, with this post, officially give up on ever finding an NTSC version of SCALA MM400.  Cheers, mate.